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Hi There! I’ve always had a love of photography. I appreciate beautiful, posed photos of families– and I can do those for you, too – but I am especially drawn to photos that capture emotion and interaction. Photos of my kids running around our (messy) house with pants on their heads? That’s the good stuff. I know those are the photos I will cherish 20 years from now. Go ahead and take a peek at my gallery. I will let my photos tell the rest of the story! Random (and rather amusing) details about me... I'm a mom to two, energetic little ones and a wife to a wonderful guy I met at the grocery store. We live on the west side of Cleveland. My guilty pleasures? Flexing my cooking muscles, 90’s music, and forwarding DIY Pinterest projects to my mom (to do for me). Feel free to ask me about a slightly inappropriate talent show try­out when I was in 3rd grade. It’s a great ice breaker!

Photography credit:

1st photo:  Aunt Ronnie (Circa 1978)

2nd photo:  My husband who is intimately familiar with our chaos

3rd photo:  The incredibly talented Kelly Crews of Kelly Crews Photography

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